RE-Use My Current Flash Pro

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RE-Use My Current Flash Pro

Post by blade2946 »

Hello Guys,
Trust all is well.

Just a quick question, sure it has been answered many times. However once more please.
I know you can use a Flash Pro on a single vehicle at any given time.

I still own my old Flash Pro, I used on my Honda Civic FN2. Currently my baby is out of action due to the LSdiff shattering.
So she will be standing for a long time, shipping to Taiwan is very costly lifetime warranty on the LSDiff.

Anyway more to the point, would I be able to use my Flash Pro, same one I use on my FN2 by performing the below actions?
I will simply download my current map on the FN2 for safe keeping, unlock the Flash Pro from the FN2, resulting in a Flash to stock on the FN2.

Once completed I can the lock my Fn2 Flash Pro on my new Honda Civic Sport 1.5 2017, & use the standard reflash offered by Hondata to increase the output on my Civic Sport 1.5 2017 model by 27KW?
Another question please guys.
Apart from the difference in power what is the other items that differ in the two highlighted maps.

In South Africa our 1.5 Automatic Civic Sport 2017 only produces 127KW, additionally I see the section mentions normal & "CARB" maps.
Apologies please also assist with this question.
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Re: RE-Use My Current Flash Pro

Post by Spunkster »

The FlashPro you have is not compatible with the 2016+ Civics. You will have to purchase a separate FlashPro for the new Civic.
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