2014 Civic Si Tune Help

2012+ US/Canadian Civic Si / 2013+ ILX
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2014 Civic Si Tune Help

Post by J_Humphreys1990 »

looking to figure out how to program my flash pro properly,
have skunk 2 headers, invidia q300 cat back and k&n typhoon installed on the car.

not sure as to what i should set up for calibrations.

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Re: 2014 Civic Si Tune Help

Post by iketh »

You will want to seek the aid of a professional tuner if you want your vehicle tuned now. Otherwise, educate yourself by browsing the web on engine tuning.

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Re: 2014 Civic Si Tune Help

Post by Haney11 »

I don't necessarily agree with that. The basic I/H/E is not too bad to tune if you have experience with engines and tuning. Ive never used FP before this build but im experienced with engines and CANalyzer so its no too much of a jump. Ive not seen a ton of How-To's on the forums that go in depth on how to use Flashpro but if you dig and ask the right people you can find the answers. Teach yourself a life long skill that will set you above the rest of the bolt on pack and save you a few bucks.
Or pay someone...lol...then if it blows up you have someone else to blame...

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