VTEC calibrating and Idle calibrating

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VTEC calibrating and Idle calibrating

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Ok I had my s300 dyno tuned and they have it set to 6200 on a 97 USDM integra type R and I don't even understand what the inches part mean with the numbers after it. Why would they set it so high or why would it be correct to have it tuned so high and my max rpms is only like 8400. Would it be bad or less fast if I lowered the vtec kick in point? I mean the regular type r computer kicks in at 5600 I think so why would it kick in so late to be correctly tuned?

I think my idle is fine at around 900 rpms after engine warmed up but seems to go up and down a little by about 50 rpms at a dead stop. is that normal? I was going to try and redo the idle and when I did what the manual said to unplug the IACV it didn't drop to 450 rpms it just cut off completely. I think that could have been because I didn't warm it up firs. I don't know. I saw something about cleaning the bypass valves. I don't even know what that is or means? Do I have to take the IACV off and clean the valves with cleaner? Is that what your tying to say? I think it's fine, but I don't know. I think my throttle cable may be a little loose but not that bad.

Is there a real manual for tuning your vehicle with the S300 because it doesn't seem to explain really anything in this one online. I have no clue how to use half of the program or how to set most of the settings.

I want to know how to tune my vehicle without messing it up and what everything means. Why is there no such manual for this? The one with this program doesn't explain very much of anything.
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Re: VTEC calibrating and Idle calibrating

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Your tuner most likely set it higher to smooth out your powerband, usually when vtec kicks in there is a slight drop in power. As far as your idle issues. There should be an idle adjustment screw located near the side/top of your throttle body, if it's cranked all the way in try and back it out a couple of turns and try unplugging the iacv back in, you should be able to adjust your idle with that screw alone to 450rpm.
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