D16Y8 + Greddy 19T turbo kit = 299WHP

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D16Y8 + Greddy 19T turbo kit = 299WHP

Post by khmoe »

Stock head with Delta 272-2
Adjustable cam gear, but left at 0' (y8 timming)
Eagle rods Srp turbo pistons for a6 = 9,8:1
Oem bearings
Crower valve springs
62mm VTI throttlebody
Thermal gasket
Ebay/Skunk2 copy intake manifold
Greddy turbokit forl 96-98 civic
Td04hl-19t 8.5cm Turbo
3″ eksos fra turbo og helt ut
Greddy intercooler , RS dump valve. 2″ hot og 2,5″ cold side.
580cc presission injectors
Fullsize radiator from 91’Accord
30row oil cooler
Hondata s300 with boost.
dyno_0001.jpg (3.31 MiB) Viewed 3748 times
D16y8 299whp.skl
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Re: D16Y8 + Greddy 19T turbo kit = 299WHP

Post by adbodykits »

Hi KHMoe, your map is the first one that seems legit for our Y8 civics.

I have a boosted Y8 too, but my tuner is not good at all, and just did a tune with a lot of mistakes, and I dont trust him anymore. So I need some help on it.

I have:
-P2P0 75.5 vitara pistons + Custom length rods 5.458” (138.63mm) One like this:
http://www.ebay.com/itm/YCP-USDM-D15B-7 ... 1e9ade2734

-Greddy TD04H 15G + mani + downpipe (all greddy stuff)
-Ebay intercooler kit specific for D16Y8.
-Skunk2 intake + GSR trottlebody.
-Fidanza flywheel + Stage1 clutch.
-2.25 Magnaflow exhaust system all the way. No cat.
-AEM fuel rail
-Stock head.
-Hondata s300v2

The first problem is that I cant syncronize the ecu timing (SET to 12) with distributor (cant reach the red mark that means 12 BTDC even fully advanced)

Can you guide me and see if I can use your map with some modifications in order to get a proper tune while I found a good tuner???

Best regards.
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