CPR Problem at 8,000 RPM turbo 737hp

Hondata CPR (Coil Pack Retrofit) support
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CPR Problem at 8,000 RPM turbo 737hp

Post by itr909 »

Hello I am having hesitation issues above 8000 RPMs in any gear Motor can be hot or cold. Modifications are as follows

92 civic SI

B18c Sleeved block, Manly turbo tuff rods, Aries 10.5 Pistons, l19 head studs, ported head, Skunk2 pro 1 cams, skunk2 ultra race manifold, skunk2 90m TB, 6767 comp turbo, CPR, comp clutch twin disc, p28 Ecu s300, 2200cc injectors, Aeromotive a1000 for, -8 fuel line, 044 twin pumps, FCS fuel cell, tuned with E85. Engine harness was previously used on my 500 hp set up with no issues whatsoever on stock OEM Honda distributor. Car has been tuned made 737 hp 25 pounds of boost. I've used three different OEM Honda distributors, new OEM Honda coils, cleaned injectors, flushed fuel lines, I have also changed spark plugs. I have placed the CPR ground on the thermostat housing and have soldered all other wires. I have triple checked all the wires to ensure they are in their proper place. I have read several other postings with the same issue. If you can make any other suggestions I would appreciate it. Is there a specific P28 ECU may have issues with your CPR?
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Re: CPR Problem at 8,000 RPM turbo 737hp

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There is no specific ECU part number that we know of that has an issue, but these ECUs are over 20 years old so you may want to try a different ECU to see if the problem disappears with it.

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Re: CPR Problem at 8,000 RPM turbo 737hp

Post by crucian »

Well, there goes another one. My CPR works properly when it feels like. I've been posting about this forever with no solution. I've tried everything I could think of to fix the problem. I've just learned to deal with it as there is no help in the near future. I know a lot of folks with break-up issues and when they tell me, all I say is, "it's the CPR." Moral of the story is, learn to live with it.

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Re: CPR Problem at 8,000 RPM turbo 737hp

Post by bwhiteboy1020 »

has anyone found out anything about this? i am having the same issue

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Re: CPR Problem at 8,000 RPM turbo 737hp

Post by Turbah99Dc2 »

can you send or post your map to better go off of it
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Re: CPR Problem at 8,000 RPM turbo 737hp

Post by Cruzan77 »

So did anyone find a solution to this issue?? Search extensively with no fixes...

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