hondata s200 setup for b18b

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hondata s200 setup for b18b

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hey guys! i purchased a hondata s200 and a chipped p06 ecu to hook up to my b18b i have the 4 prong wire that plugs into the ecu but the other end to plug into the hondata is bare where can i get a connector for that and the clutch switch connector and the set switch connector also i need the usb wire to connect to my computer when can i get one of those? also where can i get the software to download on my laptop to tune and possibly a tuning guide if there is one also i read you have to do something to j1 in the ecu mine is clipped is that right?
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Re: hondata s200 setup for b18b

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I'm sorry, but the s200 was discontinued over 8 years ago. The software is no longer available and we do not sell the USB dongle either. You will be much better off upgrading to the s300 as it will be easier to tune with, requires no other special equipment and has more features.

Details on upgrading can be found at: ... pgrade.pdf
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