2007 Acura TSX best option for a reflash?

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2007 Acura TSX best option for a reflash?

Post by matt.pierce.202 »

I’ve got a 2007 Acura TSX AT - it’s my daily and I’ve heard you get a decent kick with these fully stock with a reflash. Upon looking at the website, it appears that for 2007+ vehicles the option is to go for the flash pro (which appears to allow the user to do nearly anything they’d need to with this car).

https://hondata.com/products/flashpro/f ... uage=en-gb

My issue is that I am indeed looking for something that can pass inspection in MA, and because this is just my daily vehicle all I want is a basic reflash.

With the flash pro can I completely flash the car back to stock? (meaning it wouldn’t be possible to tell it was ever flashed in the first place)

And does the flash pro come with that same base tune of around +28hp that the 04 to 06 tsx come with.

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Re: 2007 Acura TSX best option for a reflash?

Post by Spunkster »

For that you should use the CARB version: https://hondata.com/products/flashpro/f ... &filter=15

You can download and install the software and see how it works: https://hondata.com/software?route=info ... nformation
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