S300 V3 output protocols

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S300 V3 output protocols

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I want to integrate the S300 logging data into my logging application. I am wondering which protocol I should use.

1. Most common way would be to use the serial output. But isn't it possible to access the data of the analog and digital pins? They are not listed in the reference (https://www.hondata.com/help/smanager/s ... format.htm).

2. CAN output includes the analog and digital inputs but I cannot find some specific data like brake switch or MIL (https://www.hondata.com/help/smanager/can_output.htm).

3. Bluetooth seems to offer all of the data available on the S300 (https://www.hondata.com/downloads/Bluetooth.pdf).

Is it really necessary to use Bluetooth do have access to all the data mentioned or are there ways to access the data mentioned by a serial connection?
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Re: S300 V3 output protocols

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Yes Bluetooth is the only way to get all the data.
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