SManager 2.7.5

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SManager 2.7.5

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V2.7.5 (25 Feb 2020)
  • Fixed sensors not recording if another datalog was open
  • Improved datalog scroll speed
  • Added help menu link to Hondata Support Forum
  • Replaced 'Send Information to Hondata Support' with 'Send Feedback to Hondata'
  • Fixed problem where table sensor overlay conditions were not correctly applied.
  • Fixed problem where TPS trip in min/max speed would not save.
  • Added 'distributor error' sensor
The main change is the addition of a sensor channel 'distributor error'. The distributors are fairly old now and it is common for the ECU to get bad signals from the ECU. In some cases the ECU will not show a code, but then will randomly rev limit afterwards. Typically this occurs after high rpm, but will persist until the ECU is power cycled. We have added the error indication so that you know what is occurring.

Unfortunately there is no magic cure for the error condition. The wiring should be inspected and possibly the distributor should be replaced. Note that ebay distributors tend to not work very well.

Download here
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