Rev limiter by Speed setup issues

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Rev limiter by Speed setup issues

Post by Mafia »

So I installed Rear wheel speed sensor (and it works good)

Im trying to setup rev limiter by speed, the concept sounds super easy and cool.

Problem is its not working that good.

SO if I setup the speed vs lmiter from 0 MPH to 40MPH and have the graph go up at same rate (if that makes sense) This way It works awesome, ***Other then hitting limiter trying to start off.***

now If I set 0 mph at 8000rpm then 20mph at 5000 rpm then 40 at 8500, (that way until 20 mph it wont do anything ) it wont work, Even thou graph is same at 1st setup (just not untill 20 mph)

Anyway what am I missing here, Anyone have recomenced pre set options?

Btw its a gsr engine/ trans with turbo about 400Whp on pump gas.

Any input would be appreciated, Thanks
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Re: Rev limiter by Speed setup issues

Post by Spunkster »

You need to post the calibration as well as datalogs showing what you are describing.

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