Bad ECU?

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Bad ECU?

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I swaped in a JDM H22a w/ a p13 into my 93 Prelude 4WS. I assumed it was the fuel, my car had been sitting for months, but then it started loosing power consistantly, almost like I took my foot off the gas, at ~4k RPMs to VTEC at ~5k, whether I was at WOT or not, and only when it was warmed up (I don't remember whether that's closed or open loop, i'm a n3wb). It goes into VTEC with quite a kick (50 hp maybe) and stays strong for a few seconds then gets the same lack of power at ~6500 to red. Seems like the ECU has a seriously messed up fuel map, but I don't know how to check my injector duration.

Then when it's at freeway speed or high RPMs for too long it throws a cel for the knock sensor. Even if it doesn't throw the ks, when I turn my car completely off it seams to store a 36, which I havn't found anywhere. I've reset the ECU multiple times, replaced my plugs (the old ones were carbon coated meaning engine management, right?), fuel filter and checked my distributor and everything was fine. I've run a tank with seafoam and another with octane boost and nothing has gotten rid of it, but it has been running a little better at least...

I haven't had time to replace the ks.

I've been planning on getting a p72 and hondata eventually so the ECU being messed up doesn't really bother me, but I don't know how to tell if it's just the ECU or if there is something mechanical or wiring as well. I don't want to put in my new ECU and fry it too...

Thanks in advance guys! :shock: