440cc ok with this LHT JRSC setup on 98' ITR?

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440cc ok with this LHT JRSC setup on 98' ITR?

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I am currently using the RC 440cc's with my LHT JRSC on my ITR.
Kamikaze header, 2.5" ID SMSP exhaust, high flow cat, S300, walbro 255 pump.

My concern is that I just purchased the JR 3.8" nose cone pulley (for higher boost) and a gsr intake camshaft (to flow more air than the stock ITR intake camshaft).
I already have the MVM stepper pulley, so I estimate the boost to be around 11 with the stated mods.

I have seen people claim everything from 450cc-750cc are needed.
The car is daily driven and tracked hard, on occassion

Will the 440's be able to safely flow enough fuel for this?

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Depends on what fuel pump you're running. On my 98 Type R JRSC setup with 12 psi, I was using rc 550's high impedence injectors, with same header as you, on a stock exhaust and stock fuel pump. My injectors ended up beings maxed out(final tune had the injectors working at a 88% duty cycle). So I would guess the 440's are not going to be good enough.

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I upgraded to the 550's.
Walbro pump and I keep stock FP, I wasn't about to go down that road.

So far so good; with a little bit of room to grow.