Low Freq. VSS Signal Pulse

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Low Freq. VSS Signal Pulse

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I'm looking for a bit of help and haven't had any luck searching the web... While this isn't K-pro specifically related, I figured folks would know the answer to my question...

I am in the process of swapping a LS1 V8 into an S2000. I am working out the speedo circuit and the kit available is big $$$ and seems a bit much. I came across the K-tuned All-in-one VSS adapter that will boost a "low frequency" signal to the S2000s high frequency signal requirement. I pinged them and the person didn't seem to be much help...

basically I am looking to understand what the pulse per mile (PPM) signal for the Honda Low Frequency VSS is to compare it against the LS VSS PPM and what I would have to do to push that signal up in the LS PCM (I can push it to 131k PPM but the S2k cluster needs 160k PPM)

Thanks in advance!