Tuning FUEL Maps

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Tuning FUEL Maps

Post by leechihfei »


How do I tune fueling?

I see 3 fields -
i) Target Lambda (Cat Protect)
ii) Target Lambda (VTEC) (Cat Protect)
iii) Minimum Lambda (Cat Protect)

1. How are these 3 fields different, and what do they mean, assuming I have a Cat to protect?
(My educated guess - i. & ii. are my target lambdas for VTEC ON/OFF, then I don't understand how "iii" inter plays with the other 2 fields.)

2. And if I set Minimum Lambda at 14.0, does that mean Lambda will stay below 14.0 (richer), or stay above than 14.0 (leaner)?

3. Then how do I tune fuel, if I DON'T HAVE a Cat to protect?
(Just tune in the same way, using the same 3 fields?)

Thank you.

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Re: Tuning FUEL Maps

Post by Hondata »

The two target lambda tables are the lambda values the ECU will try to target if it is not running stoichiometric or trying to run richer for EGT reduction.

The minimum lambda is the minimum lambda that the ECU will target for EGT reduction. It is a minimum, so that means the ECU will not target below the values. ie richer.

Not running a cat does not make much difference to what lambda values you target.

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