wot but tpedal shows only 93% max ?

Civic 2016+ 1.5 Turbo
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wot but tpedal shows only 93% max ?

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hey all. so i have a 2017 civic hatch sport CVT. i got my flashpro not to long ago. uploaded the +6 psi basemap with rev hang delete, improved throttle response and Optimized turbo response.

i was just doing some before and after's and noticed in the datalogs i took that when pushing the pedal to the Floor (WOT) that under stock ecu, the Tpedal was showing max of 82% and while under the +6 psi basemap it would max out at 92% ?? im not sure if im confusing what Tpedal represents but i thought that if i push the pedal to the floor, the graph in the log for Tpedal would be 100% the whole time i have my foot to the floor?? of am i missing something??

im worried that maybe my weathertech floor liner is preventing the pedal to go to 100%?? is there something going on that i should look into or is this just normal?

here are 2 pictures one stock ecu one the 6 psi basemap. as well as the 2 datalogs.


test stock.fpdl
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test 6 psi.fpdl
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Re: wot but tpedal shows only 93% max ?

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It’s normal in my experience. The few 10th gens I’ve worked on never showed 100% t pedal. As to the technical reason why, maybe Hondata can chime in. But it’s normal from what I’ve seen. The main thing is your t plate is 100% when you're at 93% t pedal. Even some older model Hondas don't show 100% t pedal at WOT.

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