P0087 Error Code Civic EX Hatch 2017 CVT

Civic 2016+ 1.5 Turbo
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P0087 Error Code Civic EX Hatch 2017 CVT

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While merging onto the freeway, I was behind a vehicle. Vehicle was going rather slow so I decided to floor my civic and drove around it. As soon as I passed the vehicle, my car misfired. I pulled over to the side, shutted off my engine, and turned the engine back on. I checked the hondata app and provided code #P0087 ( Fuel Rail/System Pressure - Too Low). I reflashed it to erase the code.

Vehicle has a new motor in it back on Oct 2020. Currently drove about 7k miles on it already. I do have an OTS tune on it (+6 PSI high octane 91, Flex Fuel on flashpro manager This was only a single run going up to around 70MPH. Prob needs more runs tho.

Datalog: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uALe0W ... sp=sharing

Current modifications:
PRL CAI (Race ver)
Flex Fuel
Catless Downpipe
+6PSI High Output (minimum 91 octane), Flex Fuel OTS Tune

Would it be more ideal to just convert the fuel system all together (ie fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel lines, injectors, etc) to get rid of the problem?
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Re: P0087 Error Code Civic EX Hatch 2017 CVT

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More than likely it is a problem with the low pressure pump. If you return it to stock and the problem persists, you should discuss the issue with the Honda dealer.
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