2020 RDX P0299 error

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2020 RDX P0299 error

Post by tn_ryan »

YEAR: 2020
MODEL: Acura RDX Advance SH-AWD
ECU: 37820-5YF-A23

Graham Rahal Performance Intercooler

Hi Everyone,

I'm new here so my apologies if this topic was already covered. I recently flashed my RDX with the stage 2 tune. I tried testing out the tune by doing some hard accelerations. My engine seemed to hesitate under high RPMs and I started getting the P0299 error code. I switched to the stage 1 tune with same results.

I noticed under the Misc section of the calibration there is a "Under boost error (P0299)" checkbox. Not 100% sure what this would affect by unchecking.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Re: 2020 RDX P0299 error

Post by Hondata »

It is from the boost command being higher than what the turbo can produce at lowist rpm.

Check carefully for any boost leaks. Sometimes it is hard to detect with intercooler swaps if there it a problem with any of the O rings.

If the charge pipes and intercooler looks ok then you can disable the error.
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