Speed density fueling

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Re: Speed density fueling

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I am in progress of getting some aftermarket engine upgrades for my 2009 RDX and now I am now seeing this. Will I run into these same issues or have they been fixed? I love my RDX and hope I'm not held back by programming issues. Please provide us an update with a solution so I can move forward with my build.


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Re: Speed density fueling

Post by Fivefor5 »

Also looking at the tuning of my 2008 RDX. Just wanted to see if the maf voltage issue p0103 is going to be fixed anytime soon so I won't have to pay for a retune once the issue is fixed. Also would love to actually get the full potential of the modifications that is limited by the software issue.


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Re: Speed density fueling

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Has anyone tried the fix implemented in 3.1.2? I need feedback, including vehicle model & year, the software version and if the current error disable works.

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Re: Speed density fueling

Post by Boostlife »

So far it's working on my 08 rdx

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