Max ignition retard

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Max ignition retard

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I've noticed that highest (numerically speaking) you can go in the ignition tables is 10 degrees for retard. Is this set by Honda themselves or you guys (Hondata)? If by you guys, anyway this can be made to go even higher? I've been doing some experimenting here lately with overrun and would like to get some greater anti-lag effects during decel. I'm 100% fully aware of your outlook on running overrun and its risk of washing bores out but I have zero regard for the engines I run (in a sense of exchanging reliability for performance) so advice on making this effect to its greatest would be much appreciated.

Also, I've also been fooling around with the shift-bang effect (audible pops during shift points) and am having trouble achieving the satisfactory intensity. Every time I richen the mixture in the cells that are traced in the fuel table (according to MAP values), it seems to move my fuel system to error status which I assume is due to the excessive fuel itself? Can this effect be produced by leaning out the mixture as well? I know the overrun anti-lag effect can be done either way: Rich or lean but is based heavily off ignition settings.

Any advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated though I know it goes against what appears what you seem to condone. :)

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Re: Max ignition retard

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The minimum ignition advance the ECU can use is 10 degrees past TDC.

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