Thank you Hondata. Flashpro work like a charm

FlashPro questions & answers specific to the 2007-2008 Acura TL
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Thank you Hondata. Flashpro work like a charm

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I have a J35a8 swap into a Honda Accord and the car has been completely rewired for the Acura TL Type S ECU including the can system. About 3 years ago I inquired about whether there would be a flashpro available for the J series. I knew this ECU was flashable, but had no idea when of if it would ever happen. So the end of last year I heard about the news. I contacted Hondata and Jeff helped me get my flashpro unit in April. I finally had a chance to decommission my piggy back unit, E-manage blue and hooked up my flashpro. I locked the ecu and all signs showed working successfully.

Note: this does not work in factory Honda accord ECU as they are not flashable. You will need a professional to rewire your car for a 2007-2008 Acura TL Type S ECU and get it paired with the immobilizer by Honda. There are also additional sensors, and CAN BUS wiring to the DLC. If you can start your car, and hook up a OBDII Scan tool to it without any issues. You will beable to now use flashpro as well. Please seek help from a professional.

Here's the dynosheet! Thanks Hondata for a great product, and thank you Church Automotive Testing for an amazing tune.

Note: This is a Naturally Aspirated engine. ;)


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