FD2 and TC

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FD2 and TC

Post by McHaals »

have some problem with TC in a Civic FD2. Short story:

wired TC ( Active sensors, ELD )
installed drivers, Manager..
uploaded calibration, Updated FP to 1.4.5..
In FP, TC input set to ELD, Upload cal/rom..

TC seems to work, but now cant turn off , and the car lost half of its power.
tried almost everything to turn off..
TC input -> none
retard values to '0'
removed TC, ELD wire back to original state.
upload 3 different cal/rom ( original , 2 tuned )

uninstalled all TC, FP drivers, programs, reinstall new FP145..
uploaded new rom, still have the problem..

if i push full throttle the ecu retards the ignition downt to 0, -2 degree..
heres a log:

any idea?
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Re: FD2 and TC

Post by Spunkster »

You will need to also post the calibration this datalog was made with.

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Re: FD2 and TC

Post by McHaals »

made the same with all cal..

LOG made with wegry6
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fd2 wegry2.fpcal
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