Flash Pro in UKDM CL9

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Flash Pro in UKDM CL9

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Hi There,

I have a UK Accord 2007 CL9, K24A3 Manual tranny. I have already brought a 06-08 TSX ECU and The Hondata Flashpro, along with the Can Harness. My question is do i need the harness on my Facelift 2007? and do i still need to change the grey immobiliser wire on the DLC? I am guessing although i have a 2007 CL9 i still need the TSX ECU? as i have UK spec and Flashpro will not work with UK ECU.

So i think i do not use the Canbus Adaptor, but may still have to change the wire on the DLC? make the changes, drive to my Mapping guy and change out the ECU for my TSX ECU?

Thanks for any help on this, i am new to this type of stuff. But not new to Honda's, will to learn and listen to any advice from you guys.


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Re: Flash Pro in UKDM CL9

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We only support US vehicles. We do not recommend or support swapping ECUs from other countries. You do this at your own risk.
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