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Flashpro exchange procedure.

Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2012 8:01 am
by mabo
Hey Hondata.

I have flashpro p\n 90034 with WEN bug error which was widely discussed here. Its a HW or SW bug coz no any ground relocation dont cure this. Im really tired to warm my car before every morning flash and wanna exchange it for normal one. The problem is that due to your procedure i have to unlock it before shipping. I cant revert my ECU to stock during unlock coz my engine is far from stock and cant run on stock cal. Im international and it gonna take nearly 3-4 weeks to ship it to US and recieve it back here. I cant freezy my car for a month.

So the questions are :

Is it possible to send you locked flashpro for replacing ?

Are you gonna send me back my fixed flashpro or its gonna be a new unit ?

Is it possible to fix it myself with some instructions, im ready to lose warranty to save time.

Re: Flashpro exchange procedure.

Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2012 11:10 am
by Spunkster
No, there is no way to do this without it being returned to stock and unlocked.

It will not take 3-4 weeks to ship it unless you are using a carrier pigeon.

There is no way to do anything yourself.

You will have to follow the instructions on the form to send it in.

Re: Flashpro exchange procedure.

Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2012 5:15 pm
by mabo
Pigeons ? Maybe doves ? I see you have a good hair day and nice humour ) The only rather fast option i have here is EMS which is cost 35-55 bux for 1-2 pound parcel to ship it to US, maybe cheaper if i send it without original box, just flashpro itself to save on weght and size. Usually takes at least 7-9 days to arrive to US and then 20-30 USD for USPS to ship it directly back here and 7-10 days more. You wanna say i need to pay for your glitch and wait with my car standing for almost 20 days ? Nice idea, shure i like it, no doubt.

I just looked in your form and dont see if i need to ship it boxed or not . Under customers information i see

This is the address the ECU will be shipped back to The ECU ? You mean Flashpro ? WTH ? Copypasting documents save time but produce customer questions.

Maybe i can send you a deposit for new one, youll ship me good flashpro and refund when you recieve mine ?