so is FlashPro safe?

FlashPro questions & answers specific to the 2007-2008 US TSX
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so is FlashPro safe?

Post by funyuns101 »

I did a search and I don't wanna highjack a thread, so I'm just starting a new one:

I have an 07 manual with just the Comptech Icebox + Progress RSB. I don't really plan on doing much more than that in terms of performance mods. This is my daily driver + I need to save $ towards other things.

Anyway, we (07 & 08s) couldn't get a reflash previously but now there's a $350 option at local tuners.
I don't really have a need for the full FlashPro.

So my questions are:
1) Is the $350 essentially the same thing as the earlier reflash that's been available for the 04-06 guys?
I'm hoping to get gains along the lines of what "CYN" got here:

2) How safe is it and does it negatively affect reliability in any way?
I understand that Hondata probably does not have a warranty on ECU mods, but I would like to hear some feedback if possible.

Again this is my daily-driver, so I need to stay reliable. I know that plenty of ppl have had reflashes and experience w/the Flashpro by now. So please chime in. Thanks!
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Re: so is FlashPro safe?

Post by Spunkster »

The Dealer reflash options is tuned and maintianed by the dealer. They start with the same base calibrations that are built in the FlashProManager.

It is as safe as the tuning that is done to it. Discuss this with the dealer that does the tuning.
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