Hondata FlashPro Tuning , Custom Throttle Plate Map

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Hondata FlashPro Tuning , Custom Throttle Plate Map

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I developed this throttle map for my R and have been testing it for about a month. Quite happy with it!The idea was to have a smooth and less sensitive response at low rpm and throttle opening for more control at low speeds, and a more aggressive response from vtec onwards.In the high rpm band there are 2 humps, the lower one to help get the revs up quickly for heel-toeing on downshifts, and the upper one for a bit more control near max throttle opening. compared.JPG Feel free to try it...blackhawk tplate rev4.xlsx It's easy to upload, but obviously you will need Flashpro.Just copy the cells in the attached excel book from corner to corner (yellow cells), and paste it into the T.Plate table in your current tune (fpcal) in flashpro manager, save and upload onto your flashpro. Obviously make sure you have a copy of your previous tune saved so you can go back to the previous throttle map if necessary.And double check that the first column in your table is all ZEROS!

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