Problem with fans On all the time

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Problem with fans On all the time

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When i check option"use second coolant temp to control raditor fans", the fans work fine,..i.e: turn of at 94C and off at 90C.but airconditoning doest work well.the temp hit near 98C and while AC button is still pushed in th car, the compressor some time on and some time off.
but when i uncheck this option, AC works fine but once the fans become On they stay ON,despite coolant temperature reaching 89C.but if i turn off ignition and than back On,the fans are off as they should be, because 'ON' setting is at 94C.
what should i do? i dont want my fans running all the time.if i unchceck the option,my AC doest work properly.
I am using civic si 2006-11 ECU in my K20R swapped honda fit
i have attached the cal file
honda fit final map 15th APRIL modified.fpcal
(19.88 KiB) Downloaded 53 times
Another small thing,i have updated flashpro manager to latest V2.4.9 and now when i upload my map it say some warning like "it a race callibration,warning etc etc" but it flashes fine.should i care about this warning?

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Re: Problem with fans On all the time

Post by Hondata »

We recommend the standard calibration over a race calibration.

Do you have the AC pressure sensor connected and reading correctly? If the ECU thinks the AC pressure is high, then it will runs the fans to reduce system pressure.

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