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Re: FlashPro Requests

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moneybags wrote:
Sun Oct 13, 2019 2:01 pm
fk8 type r pop/bangs burble on deceleration. Just for funsies
You can already do that if you have access to your ignition table. On decel tables just put -5 timing from 3k-5k. ;P

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Re: FlashPro Requests

Post by turboroe »

Automatic datalogging!
Please add an option to make flashpro automatically datalog when connected to OBD port until memory is full.

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Re: FlashPro Requests

Post by andyswmr714 »

E85 support for 1.5T accord
Boost by gear for 1.5T accord

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Re: FlashPro Requests Civic Type R FK8 pop/bang

Post by Menduas »

Is it possible to configure a honda Civic Type R FK8 2018 (eu modell) pop and bangs to Type r button and ac switch.

It should only pop and bang when both switches (it can be an other switch as the A/C) are used.

Thanks for Feedback!

Mr Hammond
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Re: FlashPro Requests

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Is it possible to finally correct the P0128 code that is triggered when ECT2 is disabled on the TB1/TB2 RDX? A fix was finally offered for the 8th gen Si for the same issue. Should be pretty easy to adapt for this platform yes?

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Re: FlashPro Requests

Post by Bain »

Why are there so many different things for the FK2 and the FK8, something like Anti Lag, are they not close enough to have the same features?
the FK2 has lot less options in Hondata than the Fk8 does.

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Re: FlashPro Requests

Post by FK8_K20c1 »

How about implementing the calculated horsepower and torque gauge into the hondata app?

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Re: FlashPro Requests

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turboroe wrote:
Fri Oct 18, 2019 4:09 pm
Auto AFM tune for 1.5T non SI (CVT here)
I would love to see this feature across 1.5T non SI platform if possible.

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