Correct procedure when driving with newly loaded map

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Correct procedure when driving with newly loaded map

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First off I want to say that you all have put out an excellent and extremely user friendly product. The wait was well worth it.

I am curious as to what procedure should be followed after loading a new map? Once a new map is loaded into the ECU can you just start the car and drive the way one normally does?? Or do you have to be light on the throttle and "break in" the new map?

The reason I ask is because I recently found out that with Cobbs AP there is a procedure to follow in terms of driving after loading a new map. So I am not sure if the same applies here.

Also... Is there any harm with changing back and forth between maps? Sometimes I feel like I might want to go back to the stock MAP just for fuel concerns (it is really hard to stay off the gas when I have one of the basemaps loaded :lol: )

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Post by Hondata »

The only thing which 'learns' is the idle, which you can either leave the car idling when hot for 5 minutes or so or do nothing, and the idle will learn in a few driving cycles.