Intercooler calibration?

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Intercooler calibration?

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Added a Mishimoto intercooler to my R, and couldn’t find a calibration for 93oct with only intake and intercooler. I’m still running stock downpipe, so can someone explain to my why I couldn’t find that as an option? Thank you
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Re: Intercooler calibration?

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The improved efficiency intercooler will improve intake air temp when it passes the IAT at the throttle body, which in turn will allow more aggressive ignition timing (colder air=harder to knock/detonate) so timing will advance, and therefore, you can make more power.

The Hondata maps (and stock Honda maps, for that matter) already take Intake Air Temp into account, so it will not require a separate flash to see improved performance. The ECU seeing colder air will automatically adjust to a different ignition timing and you'll be good to go!
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