Knocks, can't get rid of them. HELP

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Knocks, can't get rid of them. HELP

Post by ivanB1 »

Hello, i can't get rid of a few knock counts . In a 24 min datalog, i'm having 27 knocks and all are in the CYL 3. I already try to reduce by -2 the timing and nothing happens or change the spot where it occurs. Always occur in the same situation, when i pull 25% of the throttle in 1st or 2nd gear between 2000 - 3000 RPM. If i drive very gently or if i do WOT pull, i dont get any knock. In the area of the knock my A/F is a bit rich (+5%) .

Im thinking in two options

High IAT: 110°120°F (Ambient 73°F)
K&N Typhoon causing false knock

MODS: HONDATA, K&N SRI . everythingelse is stock


I hope you can help me please. I know 27 knocks is not terrible but just want to make sure if those knocks are real or not.
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Re: Knocks, can't get rid of them. HELP

Post by Emount91 »

I am having the same issue on the 6PSI+ CVT tune, even before adjusting anything away from the canned parameters.
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Re: Knocks, can't get rid of them. HELP

Post by Hondata »

Be aware that you have two different vehicles.

Don't worry about the knock counts, but look at where the knock control goes up. From the datalog the knock count increases at about half load, so you first should make absolutely sure that there is nothing that causes any mechanical noises. Exhausts are the most common cause but anything in the engine bay that can touch the engine can be the issue.

You can identify the areas with knock and decrease the timing by 2 degrees. If the knock control still goes up in those areas then it is not the engine causing the knock.
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Re: Knocks, can't get rid of them. HELP

Post by Hpmengine »

The loading areas of the medium do not look good, does it seem a bit done at random? or is it mine?
With FLASHPRO I have dozens of cars manufactured .....
Most have the problem of detonations.
it's really easy to know why
Your map is framed in many areas ... and 27 detonations ??? wtf ???
My clients register 1 or 2 DETONATIONS IN GRIP TANDS (20MIN)
(1 - 6 TANDS) with rum 98 and are often due to the type of cut ...
Check your calibration and you will see where your error is, it is very easy to know where you have to modify ...
I don't say bad friend, it's just for help ...
I hope I can help you ...
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