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R18 WOT Fuel Table?

Posted: Tue Sep 10, 2013 7:04 pm
by jedelen
So the basic info; I'm driving a 2008 Auto R18 non-boosted.
See below for Flashpro Info:

The problem is, I've been having difficulty tuning my A/F ratio @ WOT. I have the option "Use MAP to Determine WOT" enabled, and during my datalogs, WOT engages just fine. The problem is the ECU isn't applying any fuel trim during WOT. This is all fine and good, but despite the changes I make within my Low Fuel Table, WOT Lambda Adjustment, or AFM Voltage Table, my A/F ratio follows the same pattern throughout the RPM range.

Low Fuel Table:

AFM Voltage Table:

Typical WOT A/F pattern

My question is, when using MAP Fuel Tables on the R18, when I drive WOT, where the heck is the ECU getting the fuel table from? I've made substantial changes to the Low Fuel Table @ the top end load, and my WOT A/F pattern has remained the exact same. Similarly, I've tried adjusting my AFM Voltage (similar to tuning for an AFM tune), and gotten the same results. I haven't experimented with changing the WOT Lambda at various RPM's, but I figure since there is no fuel trim this shouldn't matter? Can anyone lend some insight as to what is causing this, and how I can smooth my WOT A/F?

My one suspicion is that I have adjusted the RPM and Load indexes on the Fuel Tables. So basically I have more precise tuning in the RPM's I drive the most, and less in the higher RPM's. I've also adjusted the "Load Index" which is the horizontal portion of the fuel table, so that I'm using the columns normally reserved for boosted pressures. Though during closed loop driving, this doesn't seem to have any impact...

Please share insights / suggestions. I will also attempt to attach the calibration I'm using.

Re: R18 WOT Fuel Table?

Posted: Wed Sep 11, 2013 10:00 am
by Spunkster
You need to provide datalogs and calibrations showing the changes you are making and the resulting datalog from that calibration.

Re: R18 WOT Fuel Table?

Posted: Fri Sep 13, 2013 5:47 pm
by jedelen
The attached calibration is the current one I am running; however, I think the issue may be related to the Calibration Upload Error I'm encountering (see link below).

My suspicion is that the tuning changes I've made aren't being uploaded to Flashpro, so basically everytime I've made adjustments and thought I uploaded the updated calibrations, I was actually just uploaded the same existing calibration stuck on Flashpro.

So just a general question, based on the calibration I've attached, during WOT is the ECU using the MAP "Low Fuel" table, the "WOT Lambda Adjustment" table, or some combination (including the AFM Voltage table)?