Best romulator to use

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Best romulator to use

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I have the Ostrich romulator but I have trouble datalogging and every changes i make to the map it doesn't react or the ecu doesn't received an input from the laptop. I have the RE4 and updated 1.1.0 version.
Is there a better brand romulator out there that would work better and faster using RE4?
Most of the time when i'm datalogging, it freezes the datalog and have to restart laptop and lost everything i just made on the map. Realtime update is on. I found a way not to make the datalog freeze by uncheck the realtime update and just turn the ignition on/off then it make the changes to the map. Sorry for the confussion

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No, there is not a better emulator. You may want to contact Moates about the emulator not working properly.

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