h22a4 power loss

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h22a4 power loss

Post by 98boostedlude »

i have a h22a4 boosted. t3/t04e turbo, .60mm, hondata s300, stock everything else. when driving, not racing or running hard just normally driving it starts just fine and runs on a cold start just fine but as soon as it warms up my afr goes from low 13s to high 15-16 and it losses all power over all. its just seems like a semi is tied to back just holding its breaks. its very sluggish untill 2500 rpms exactly and only sometimes, does it pick up in power and act normal but it still doens't have full power. It also doenst go past 7k after 1st gear, first gear will go to 8k ( i havent changed the rev limiter, never pass 8k ) but 2nd and up wont go past 7k. i have checked my tune and i cant find anything wrong with it. ive got multiple ones for racing, and cruising, and for winter, ive ran at the track on my race tune just a few months ago and it ran just fine but even when i apply that tune it deosnt change how it runs.. i have brand new, ngk plugs bkr7e gaped 28, new ngk plug and wires, new distributor, new fuel filter. nothing changes it at all. anyone have ideas on what it could be?
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Re: h22a4 power loss

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Check fuel pressure and make sure your injectors are not clogged. Check the banjo bolts for the fuel system to make sure they have the washers in the correct places as well.

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Re: h22a4 power loss

Post by Ramon »

Hey 98boostedlude what's the update to this? did u end up finding the problem and solve it?

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