B18c1 turbo HIGH COMP. basemap needed!!

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B18c1 turbo HIGH COMP. basemap needed!!

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I really need a decent baseman for my set up in my 93 civic coupe!!!

98 B18c1 gsr head, block, and transmission.
2000 ctr cams
Ls crank
Type r rods
B18c5 pistons
12.4 to 1 compression ratio
750cc mbr injectors no resistor
57 trim journal bearing turbo.
Side exit exhaust 2.75"
External wastegate (11psi boostcut would be nice)
Omnipower 4 bar map sensor!
Skunk2 type r intake manifold ( NO BUTTERFLYS)
Mini horn headers.
Other weird stuff:
Clutch button delete
Stock o2 sensor and wideband o2
I still have iacv.
Deleted power steering and a.c.
93 octane pump gas (or e85 if you can set that up)

Sorry if I put a lot of information for just a basemap but I figured more info would help someone out when setting this up since its so high compression. PLEASE AND THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
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