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D16z6 turbo t3/t4

Posted: Mon May 23, 2016 3:09 pm
by ampcocd
I don't have a local tuner in my area and the closest tuner is booked out a month. Trying to get a calibration that will help me put a few miles on car so I can make sure everything is working properly before I can get a tune on the setup. I have a d16z6 sohc stock internals with head studs. Running Injector Dynamicc 725cc injectors walbro 255 pump. Ram horn manifold and a EMUSA".50AR T04E TRIM EXH .63 AR T3/T4 turbo. EMUSA Turbonetics wastegate 9psi spring in wastegate. I have stock d16z6 n/a tune to start it up it idles great and all just looking to see if anyone has a tune they are willing to share that might help me out. Thanks in advance!! I have hondata s300 v3 ECU-p28