new here need some help with base tuning,

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new here need some help with base tuning,

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hey guys i need some help with hondata s300 tuning,
iv tuned alot of cars with crome, and i want to make sure i got the base right,

this is the order of things i do:
open a new basemap, lets say a p28,
set to open loop (disable closed loop)
choose a map sensor
disable everything in misc/options :knock sensor, eld, inj error, baro, alt c, ignition output.

in fuel injectors:
setting current injector size to what ever, lets say 1000cc (leave stock injector size at 240cc)
choosing injector offsets
uploading map to ecu, + dataloging

setting my tps range closed + open

starting the car, and while waiting it to warm up i play with the overall fuel trim to get good AFRS for idle, some cars want -20 some +20 some like 0, i am NOT using the "calc / calculation" should i ?

then i apply electrical load to adjust battery offsets,

set fuel pressure

lock timing/ set dizzy.

select gear ratios,

start tuning for cruise, then boost,

do i do anything wrong?
i'm asking because hondatas website says: The general approach tuning mixture is to adjust the injector multiplier (overall fuel trim) until the mixture is as close as possible to ideal while the engine is under full load. Normally this will result in the part load settings giving close to ideal mixture as well. so hondata recommands to do a pull before even adjusting idle? cant find the logic lol, please help

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