1996 jdm b18c turbo basemap

Calibrations for S-Manager - Use all calibrations at your own risk (dyno tuning recommended)
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1996 jdm b18c turbo basemap

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Searched around but didn't find anything. I have a Jdm B18c .50 trim turbo. JE pistons 10.0 comp. 440cc rc inj. Wanted to see if anyone had a basemap so I can safely get to a tuner shop. Thank you.

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Re: 1996 jdm b18c turbo basemap

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select new calibration choose any stock itr or gsr go to parameters select fuel injectors edit to your injector size edit in injector dead time or it will not run very well if you need injector dead time google it for your injectors if your using an after market map sensor you need to also set that . if you do all that correctly it should run. there is also a map for a turbo itr with 440 injectors in the new calibration selections you might try that.

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