B18a Block B16a2 Head Ls vtec

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B18a Block B16a2 Head Ls vtec

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Hey guys I have a 00 civic setup with an LS vtec. The block is a B18a1 head is a B16a2, I have a blox intake manifold 70mm Throttle body, RC 440 injectors, AEM High flow fuel rail, and aem adjustable regulator. All of this setup is being run off a p28 Hondata s3000 ecu. The issue im having is she is wanting to run very rich based off my wideband and datalog. I'm running an aem 30-4100. Also my idle is jumping all over the place. Any ideas on whats going on with my tune? Right now im running the base map for an ls vtec from hondata. I'm also running the car at around 50 PSI for fuel. I have attached my last data log and the tune I'm running. I have made some small changes to the tune. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help ... I can also do a longer data log if needed or change how I'm driving to help out just let me know what would make it easier. Thanks for your time
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Re: B18a Block B16a2 Head Ls vtec

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your injector dead times are set at 0 which is incorrect 0 dead time means your injectors arent closing the way they are suppose to i think they arent closing at all im surprised it starts you need to set them correctly or it will never run right but even a close setting under the quick select will give you way better results than the current setting that you are using. your iac duty should also be set to normal . try starting with a stock map p72 p73 p30 and just change the injector size and dead times it should fire right up and if it gives you more trouble check your plugs they are likely to be black fouled with fuel

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