Trouble with JRSC JDM B18C and Hondata S200b - Advice?

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Trouble with JRSC JDM B18C and Hondata S200b - Advice?

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I'm having major problems with this system.

I purchased an S200b system from Payn Tech 3 months ago and it has never worked. Payn sent out my P72J ecu for chipping and then sent it back without testing first. When installed, the car ran like crap with RC440s and the red light on the blue box was flashing.
I sent the ecu back to Payn. Supposedly they're testing it to find out what the problem is, but over 1.5 months they still haven't solved it. Finally, they sent me a P28 as a lender with my chip in it so that I could at least run the car.

Now, when the P28 is plugged in, I get a solid red light on the blue box but the car still runs like crap. I'm getting a code 16 (injector) failure with the RC440s. All the circuits check out, but the resistance on the injectors is 16ohm each. Did RC send me the wrong injectors, or is there something else I can do (I know Doug recommends only 12ohm on the injectors).

Anybody help me out? I needed to get this car smog tested 3 months ago to renew the license - I can't drive it now!


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Post by Spunkster »

What is the full code on the side of the ECU?

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Post by edlocke »

Ran into a sim problem with my JDM ECU. Read all the supplimental docs on the Hondata CD, there are specific error codes you have to disable for a JDM ECU, injector fault is one of them I think. Another is the Barometric Pressure. I don't know what's up with the P28 though.

People who are used to chipping the USDM ECU's all day sometimes don't remember to disable the sensors that aren't in the JDM.