rev limted at 4k only on re4 software??

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rev limted at 4k only on re4 software??

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after buying re4 cable and software and program using motes burner and emuator the software re4 limit my rev? everytime i burn a chip or use the ostrict using re4 i can never rev past 4k. using factory maps supply by hondata re4. it's as if I set me main rev to 4k.
and im not talking about launch control ether. that I cannot even get launch control in re4 to work. full trottle shift is disable and launch control is disable. and both overall and overrun has been set to 9k rpm but still hits at 4k even when driving with speed it cuts at 4k. i have burned the chip and used other software and i don't have any problem. only in the hondata re4 I have this issue. what confuse me is everything in re4 works, like when I change the fuel tables or the idle or misc checks and so froth, but only the launch and rev problem is what im having. any inputs would be me much, im sure im doing something dumb not right.
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YOu cannot use loanch control or the full throttle shift becasue that s200 does not have that option.

What is the light on the s200 doing?
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