s200 blinking light

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s200 blinking light

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I just bought a 1995 del sol w/a b16 engine swapped in... came with a s200 new in box, never used. I just had a p28 ecu chipped&socketed, j12 jumper removed, hooked up s200, and all I get from the s200 is a slowly blinking light. From what I've been able to figure out, this means the s200 can't interface with the ecu. Do I need to have a different/special eeprom burned for this to work? If so, can someone tell me what i need to request of the place that burns the chips.

Car runs great, no CEL's, running a stock p30 program with limiters removed. Very basic.


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If the chip was not programmed using HOndata software it will not work. For you to buy everythign needed to tune this yourself will cost more than just updrading to the s300. The s300 will also be much easier to tune and have more features. The s200 has been discontinued for over 2 years.


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