I need help with a situation

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I need help with a situation

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I would like to send you my maps to look at and see if you can give me any advice on improving them. Because the dyno here has closed its doors two weeks ago, I am forced now to tune my fuel settings alone with my wideband. I will include a datalog sheet of a third gear street pass that I tried to get as close to 13.5:1 as possible. Hondata tells me that my 310cc injectors are 100% maxed out at 9300 rpms at 56psi fuel pressure with the hose off. The car feels good down low, but in the upper powerband it feels "tired" and "slower to climb rpms". Let me know how I can improve both my fuel and ignition settings. here is my setup:
Gsr block, GE sleeved
ITR crank
Eagle rods
Wiseco pistons ( ended up with 11:1 cr )
310cc injectors
Edelbrock performerX
68mm throttle body
3" custom intake through headlight "magic intake"
Hytech copy headers "open header"
Hondata S300
S2S2 cams
Supertech springs/retainers
Skunk2 Pro cam gears +2 0 "made 193/132 on this setting on my 81x87.2 motor"
no milling, no port work
diesel street tune 2 rpm altered.skl
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what gas are you burning?

pump gas doesn't burn fast enough in this size engine to make good power over 9000 RPM

Im not familiar with that cam but most do not make power that high in the RPM band...

310 injectors are good for around 200HP at 80% duty. Injectors are unreliable at max duty cycle... 80% is the recommended cutoff