DIY: S300 into Virgin P28 Very Detailed

s300 and SManager software questions & answers
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dc2quick wrote:the sponge is for removing any buildup of oxide on the tip while soldering.
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kaj wrote:
dc2quick wrote:is this the same procedure for the p72?
It is the same procedure for P72 :)
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what kind of solder you using? And, is it just me, or is it a real pain in the ass to desolder all those connections?
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First off, great write up!!!

Would anyone not recommend using a 20-pin socket for the 74HC373 chip. I'd think it'd help not exposing the IC to heat if it can be avoided, but I'd like to make sure there are no possible issues with doing that...

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No real issues with socketing the 373. However, I've soldered probably 150 of them into ECUs over the years, and I've "NEVER" had one that got damaged by the heat.

However, I am quite deliberate in my soldering methods. I only do 1 or 2 pins at a time, and then either stop for 25-30 seconds, or go and solder something else on the board. This really limits the amount of heat you put into the component.
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ok i noticed u only put in one resistor but in my shipment i got 2 resistors. do i install the other one in the j1 location where u just put the wire?
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pics are down any chance you could fix it please :roll:
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InJ3cted wrote:pics are down any chance you could fix it please :roll:
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pictures are down
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alexsracing wrote:pictures are down