OBD-I O2 Heater Option

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OBD-I O2 Heater Option

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I have not found a good answer for this option. ECU and wiring is P28 running the Stock P30 rom and the engine is an OBD-I B16A. OBD-I have the 4 wire O2 sensor, which I believe has a heater wire. The stock P30 rom has the O2 heater option unchecked, so I'm guessing that means the factory option is On. The Hondata documentation says to disable if the stock O2 is used. I'm wondering which is the correct way to run this?
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Re: OBD-I O2 Heater Option

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By default both stock P30 calibrations do not disable the O2 heater. The heater is used on the OEM sensor and this is a narrowband sensor which cannot be used to read a proper AF ratio.
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