S300 V3 Simple Question

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S300 V3 Simple Question

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hey everyone I recently purchased an s300v3 from my brother, and he was running it with the CPR retrofit setup. My question is, since Im still using my oem distributer, will I need to do anything to the ecu to switch back to being used with the oem distributer hardware and software wise. Ive been up all night searching about this and all Im finding is how to install and setup CPR, not the other way around. any help is appreciated.

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Re: S300 V3 Simple Question

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If your car was never set up with coil packs and all you're doing is putting in the S300 / ECU, then all you need to do is open up your calibration in SManager and go to the "Misc" tab in the parameters window. Uncheck all 3 boxes under the CPR Output section.

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