S300 Anyone know how to test ecu capacitors

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S300 Anyone know how to test ecu capacitors

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I've been having on going ecu issues with my s300. I think the s300 is faulty or has intermittent problems.
I had a bad c14 meltdown and my p28 wasnt repairable. I bought a new ecu rebuilt with new capacitors Boost by gear and s300 socket ready.
Ecu work for a 30 min drive and I parked it. Next day car wont start. I noticed 2 things
1. Fuel pump wont priming
2. Green led light by Usb plug wasnt lit up sold green as usual or even red if you had a fault. But the green led light on the s300 board on the upper right hand corner stays lit.
So tristate motor sports swapped out that ecu for another one.
Everthing was working fine and all functions worked.
The Next day the car starts but Now I can't go online with my labotop . I tried 2 labtops and 2 different cables no luck. The issue seems to be that the labtop isnt downloading the drivers or I guess picking up the signal.
Could the usb plug be bad on the s300 🤯

I wanted to find out how to test ecu capacitors .

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Re: S300 Anyone know how to test ecu capacitors

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The capacitor must be removed in order to test it: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q ... Wh-DH6Ou-u

It sounds like there may be issues with how they are preparing the ECU since this will be the 3rd ECU from them.

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