Wideband AEM 30-0300 UEGO to S300 v3

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Wideband AEM 30-0300 UEGO to S300 v3

Post by Henssen »

Hello i need help to install wideband

AEM 12V Wire RED obd1 pin A25
AEM Ground Wire BLACK obd1 pin A24

AEM 0-5V Analog Output Positive + / Wire WHITE / obd1 pin D14 or D10??
AEM 0-5V Analog Output Negative - / Wire BROWN / obd1 pin ????


Tyler Dirden
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Re: Wideband AEM 30-0300 UEGO to S300 v3

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The gauge power wires should be BEST connected as the schematic suggests directly to a good ground near or on the battery and the +12v wire to a hot when the ignition is on (motor running).

I would configure the 0-5v positive output from the gauge to data log through D10, (ELD, electronic load detection).
The 0-5v ground signal could be connected to D21,D22 but any good ground can be used.

Good luck with your new gauge. These are super useful.
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Re: Wideband AEM 30-0300 UEGO to S300 v3

Post by forevertrj »

remove resistor r136 and r138 on ecu if using D10 ELD circuit, also you may ground 0-5v analog negative to the same ground as the gauge so long as your Offset on D10 isn't greater then (+/- 0.05 volts) when viewing smanager sensor list voltages. ALSO pro tip unplugging the wideband connector will force the gauge to read 14.7 AFR and push about 2.4 volts out, maybe 2.34 volts. Hondata smanager will translate this into your AFR as 14.7 I would take a voltmeter and meter the output voltage right at the gauge and compare this to smanagers reading and adjust the offset voltage. If you are (+/- 0.05 volts) bring the ground closer to the ecu. Your voltage offset should not be a large number. Anything larger then plus or minus 0.08 volt is borderline too much difference.
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