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ECU Socket Tester

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I am having a P28 ECU problem and am using the Hondata S300 socket tester to help, but I am unable to resolve the issue. There are 2 LED's that are either not lit or are very weak. I have resoldered the board and retested, but the problem persists on the same 2 pins. I tested for continuity and resistance from the two pins to the proper pins on the latch and they are connected. The resistance is almost identical between these two pins and the other pins.

Besides from the socket tester not lighting up, the check engine light is on and solid when I test with an S300 unit. The pump does prime, but this is not working properly.

My question: If the latch is damaged or faulty, can that cause the LEDs to not be lit? I checked to make sure there are not any short circuits and that every pin is connected to the proper pin on the latch, MCU, and R54. The socket tester's LEDs all light up on other boards.

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Re: ECU Socket Tester

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It is a possibility, or the ECU is damaged.

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Re: ECU Socket Tester

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Try a new latch, I've come across a few faulty ones in the past, the Texas Instruments branded ones have all tested working for me.

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