AF gauge "floating point division by zero" FIX

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AF gauge "floating point division by zero" FIX

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I've spent hours cursing at that damn AF-gauge "floating point division by zero" error. I have tried everything (and I mean everything).
- 3 different computers
- windows xp / 7 32 bits & 64 bits
- reinstalled smanager
- deleted default display
- deleted ini files
- reinstalled windows
- etc etc

The only fix I have found so far is:
Use Hondata Kmanager software to edit the display

1: save your display in Smanager.
2: download latest Kmanager.
3: start Kmanager and load your Smanager display.
4: add gauge / bar graph / whichever you like.
5: select sensor: O2C NOT AF.
6: if you're paranoid like me you wont mess with this gauge when you're back in Smanager so add all settings for the gauge now while you're in the safe surroundnings of the Kmanager

Code: Select all

tickmajor: 1, tickminor: 0.5,valuemin: 10, valuemax: 16, range1colour: clred, range1from: 10, range1to: 11, range2colour: cllime, range2from: 11, range2to:15, range3colour: clred, range3from: 15, range3to: 17
7: save display & close Kmanager.
8: load your working AF-display in Smanager.

SUCCESS (atleast for me, on 2 different computers).

Note about step5:
Kmanager and Smanager seems to have different IDs for the sensors to display so choosing the O2C sensor in Kmanager results in displaying the AF sensor in Smanager.

Hope this is helpfull to someone, I sure know I woulda loved this info XX hours ago.

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