knock of the Charts. k24/k20

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knock of the Charts. k24/k20

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Ok, Backstory.

Something happened to old engine. Decided to build a Frank.

k24A4 block
stock tsx pistons/rods. New rings/Bearings etc.
Old k20A2 Head
PND ECU w/ver 2 KPRO


Knock. I set CEL to indicate Knock in kpro. It flickers quite a bit at idle, and if its not flicker slight acceleration of engine causes it to flicker again. I should indicate the conditions. I am using the 91 octane gas that i got from a cheaper gas station, I put in about 2 months ago when engine died. I am also not running an intake at the moment as I am waiting for the new one to get here on Sunday. If those are main factors i can wait until i fix them to continue further. I am also feeling a bit of a vibration coming from the engine. Not sure if this is a factor, but it sounds like i have valves adjusted a little too tight as they are noisy.

you can see the knock is off the charts.
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k24_k20 08_04_first.kdl
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Re: knock of the Charts. k24/k20

Post by Spunkster »

You should start by correcting the known issues, especially the valve lash. Make sure everything is tight and that there is nothing rattling around in the engine bay.
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